Spiritual Awakenings FAQ

Yesterday I was working with a client and one of her questions was how to know when we are channeling or receiving empathic and intuitive impressions. Since I’m getting ready to launch our Spiritual Awakenings Event, I thought it would be a good time to talk about it here!

Learning to trust our channeled impressions is one of the most difficult things we face. The one thing that helps me to recognize a true channeling and receiving is how it comes to me unsolicited, usually interrupting my other thoughts or even actions. This is something that we don’t drum up. There is always a sense of stopping or pausing in order to tune-in and listen or observe what’s showing up. If you consider this technique and use it to gauge, you can see what I mean.

These are the things I teach my Spiritual Awakenings classes and there are tons of things like this that will help you learn to recognize what is true receiving and what is just thoughts or dreams. All kinds of sensations accompany empathic receiving and intuitive reception. I just can’t wait to share more keys on how to open up and awaken your spiritual gifts. Check out my events calendar to see when the next Spiritual Awakenings classes and events will be!



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