Living food, Living Waters!

Life Giving Life, The Truth to Really Living!

Living food, Living Waters! They awaken awareness! This is my discovery of “life giving life” and the resulting blessing of energy and regeneration! Most of what we eat is dead and has no power to reignite our cellular and organic functions.  It’s a shame to say this but we do not know how good it feels to truly be alive!  But we can learn and it’s never too late to rebuild our life forces.

People talk about the Laws of Attraction, a concept many spiritual people realize and have come to know as truth for successful living and achieving your life goals.  The Wisdom teaches that what you wish to receive in life you must believe in.  For one can only truly experience what you can believe in.  If you can come to know intimately what you want in your life and find a way to give that out into the universal matrix, it will also flow back to be received, thus giving the experience of having.  This is an old concept taught originally by Jesus and is a Biblical sound principle.  His meaning was to open our awareness that we are Divine creators, having instilled within in us all that we will need in this lifetime and forever if we can come to understand it and believe in the truth.  The Way of this wisdom awakens within us the highest realization that All created us in His likeness having All within us (His life breath giving birth to our soul), therefore we need only awaken the All in us by learning to relate to it.  This goes with everything in life that we find goals or interests in.  Right down to the very substance we choose to eat and live by. 

Eating and drinking life will give us life as we learn to experience, relate and believe in its purpose to sustain.  Think of the story of Jesus during the last supper where He passes the bread and the wine around instructing his disciples, “this bread is my body, (referring to a body that lives forever, the living substance to take inside of us) Eat this and remember me.”  And with the wine, He referred to His blood which gives everlasting life. He was showing them the concept of what you choose to consume, believe, and relate to in life becomes you!   His whole existence was an example of who we are and what we are meant to become made fully aware of, as we grow spiritually awakened.   It’s already implanted in our DNA waiting to be triggered and ignited by what we choose to relate to, remember, and believe.  Believing is Achieving!   I believe our ascension process has begun in this world, those of us who choose life are waking up!  This is why I have added the Awakenings to my business so that we can all come together and support each other on our journey to higher truth and Living Spiritual lives.  As we become forever, truly Alive!

My Awakening has opened up a whole new state of awareness inside of me. I was getting intuitive messages leading me to find out why I really didn’t want to eat a lot of meat.  I happened upon a nutritional guru teaching people how to go fully raw, whole, fresh, and living foods.  I began to follow a lot of what was being shared, trying to get a good feel for how I could be more satisfied with my diet and health.  I learned what God was telling me and as I began to incorporate more and more of a living foods concept into my life, I reached a point that totally changed my moods. My spirit became calm and bliss.  A feeling of euphoria entered my daily experience and I realized what my Awakenings expansion was truly meant to bring for those who choose to share in spirit with me here at Newlight. 

I was given this idea before I knew what it would be, or even what it was all about.  I knew God was telling me that I was to help others with Healing and Awakening to bring life back to the connection we are all supposed to have with Him, but I did not know the wisdom of it all until now!   Spiritual Awakenings and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are enhanced by living a holistic lifestyle. So my Spiritual Awakenings will teach and mentor support in this journey, as we all learn to adapt to this wisdom, as well as my teachings of how to ignite and awaken our spiritual gifts.  Living a holistic spiritual lifestyle is a natural process.  It need not be overwhelming and you need not feel it has to be an instant “all or nothing.” In fact, the minute you begin to become aware and take one step into following and learning more about this journey to true living, you will find yourself naturally waking and wanting more and more.  I am forever changed and would never want to go back to feeling so confused, clouded, and exhausted. 

I grew up a sickly child with nerves that were out of control! As I grew older, I was more in control of the substance that I took in and so my illnesses were less often and not so fierce.  And when I tried flooding my life with holistic, organic, living, and whole foods, oils, herbs, and spices I found peace, tranquility, a euphoric spirit, happy emotions, and balance!  My health improved and my body began to naturally sustain weight.  I became in tune with the life forces running through me and my gift only got clearer. Now when I end up with too much of the gunk that our world has to offer, I actually get sore all over like I’m getting the flu.  Exhaustion comes over me and I begin to crave that euphoria, missing that peace and tranquility.  And I find myself scrambling to get it all back in line and secure to my daily living.

Truth, they say, will set you free.  Once you learn to live in the light of life-giving sources empowered by healing energy with what you take in each day, you will begin to crave those sources.  That feeling of euphoric peace and tranquility will become your nature, your truth, and your comfort.

This is why I branched out in my business to make it more of a healing mission.  I believe we as humans are waking up to the truth of divinity, remembering our design and our purpose.  To me, this wisdom I keep finding is truly magical, but to live with it and share it is a Divine Miracle!

For specific recommendations and recipes based on your personal health needs, check out my Healing Awakenings subscription services!



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