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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

A Free Angel Reading?

Yes that’s right!  Newlight now has a free Angel Oracle Reading widget!  An interactive system to help you tune in and connect with your spiritual guides and angels.  You will know when you have successfully connected to your angels and guides when your focus begins to reflect in the cards you select.  You can then choose to share them with me and start building the most powerful reading you’ve ever had for your next session by entering your selected Angel Messages into the Tidbits Program.

Collect your Angel Messages daily for inspiration for free and when you see your connection grow deeper share your Angel Cards you feel most connected to with me, and I will channel in with you, working with you to choose the most magical layout.  Learn how to use your Angel cards that you choose to empower your direction, bring success to your goals, and control your future!

Here at Newlight Live we believe in the power of faith, prayer, and organizing your visions to create the most powerful tools for success you can ever experience!  Manifest your desires with the Tidbits Program, see where Angels can guide you and what your purpose is for each step.

Your free Angel reading will invite you to explore the true power of these Angel oracles.  Laws of attraction begins to take place when you can successfully visualize and build your faith up to where you can actually see it magnetically drawing in what you want!  Print your oracles if you want and create a vision board to achieve the maximum amount of focus for success!

We are planning to add more decks in the future and hopefully some amazing layouts by drop down menus.  There is a tremendous amount of healing that can take place with tools like this so let’s team up with your Angels and your spiritual guides to make a difference in life.

Book a session, Join Tidbits and enter your Angel Oracles, sign up for an event or workshop.  I am always available to chat live!


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