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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Aries It’s a very busy day for planning the holidays. As the season rolls along, your mind is on adventures, discoveries about you and those you love. Eye opening revelations bring you to acceptance and rooted into your highest powerful meanings for life and love. Your angel for the month will be the dreamer, Archangel Metatron. Take a leap of faith follow your dreams!

Taurus Open your mind! Today is new and a bit strange, so don’t be surprised if miraculous events show up to challenge you to take a new stand in what you believe in. Your angel for the month will be Archangel Michael. You know exactly what to do by the benefit of your experiences a time for your career to advance, giving you the feeling of self reliance.

Gemini Be very mindful of those you love in your life. Not acknowledging the little things and validating those you love could get you in trouble. Be mindful! Your healing angel for the month is Ariel. Romance is in the air, and something you’re planning will lead you to professional and financial success. Use your resources wisely.

Cancer Your expectations for getting things done, and done right, are very high. Frustrations may run high. Practice patience, compassion, and kindness. You run the risk of sensory overload. Your angel for the moth will be Gabriel. Your lucky numbers are three and seven. Have confidence, claim your power, and stand up for what you believe in.

Leo Charismatic and charming are the attributes you long for these days. All things made new and exciting. This leads you to inspiration, be open minded. Your angel for the month is Archangel Raziel. You can manifest anything you set your heart on. Visualize it, believe in it. Successful new beginnings come from it.

Virgo Looks like you’re headed into a frustration this month. You set your sights on the moon, careful not to fall back to the earth into a lesson of humility. Your standards have been set above you. So this is a time not to judge others by your standards. Down to earth is your spiritual theme. Your angel for the month is Archangel Michael. Spend time in quiet moments. Insights and new structure will come with rest, time off, and sleep. Extra rest will be needed for relief of stress.

Libra Your good spirits are infectious today! Humor is your power. The fullness of joy is your strongest power in handling a busy activity. Even in the face of conflicts, you add patience to the underlying theme of communication. Your angel for the month is Archangel Sandalphon. Consider an alternative approach, listen to Heaven for divine guidance.

Scorpio Work on your faith. Faith in yourself and in what God’s will for your life should be. Stay grounded, but ready and waiting to master your skills and talents. Something special will enter your life this year. Your angel for the month is Archangel Uriel. Brilliant new ideas lead you to success. Believe it, and it shall be so. Pray for it, and it will come sooner.

Sagittarius Adoration and celebration, along with energetic and enthusiastic love gain power in life to partner with you. Your angel for the month is Gabriel. Congratulations, you have done a wonderful job! What will you do next? This is a time for being rewarded, gaining scholarships or promotions.

Capricorn Answers come in the form of secrets. Everybody loves a good mystery! Your sense of curiosity will reveal the manifestation of a long, awaited, almost forgotten dream. Pinch yourself! This one will be hard to believe. Your angel for the month is Archangel Jeremiel. This will change your whole life, starting over fresh and new. The key that you discover this time in your life, will bring you into your soul purpose.

Aquarius Your spiritual theme this month is creating abundance. The more you share, the more you are given. God sees your giving nature and has blessed your life from this day forward. Your angel for this month is Raphael. Step up to the plate! Make a decision. Be clear about what you need and take action. Emotional love and romantic relationships open your mind to huge possibilities. Your lucky numbers are 7,1,10, and 28.

Pisces Leave your worries at the door mister! You are filled with discovery and creativity, ready to start new projects and expand your income. Don’t be afraid to enter into the unknown. Heaven is with you! Your angel for the month is Archangel Azrael. Out with the old, in with the new! An enriching endeavor is coming. Trust in God. Give others peace, and peace will claim you!

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