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 I also offer healing chakra sessions for clearing, charging, and aligning the seven energy centers of the soul.

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When hope and faith are restored by the message, you feel reborn, refreshed, and renewed.

That is why I call my business Newlight!

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I was born with the gift of intuitive vision, which my family refers to as "Divine Sight." We have come to know this as a gift of the Holy Spirit. I have always helped others with this wonderful gift and I feel as if I was chosen to do so. 

I believe Heaven is within us. I am, at times, blessed to catch a glimpse inside by sensing a loved one who has passed on, as well as angels and guides. I see visions and hear audible guidance from the still small voice within. I sense thoughts and impressions and work to share in spirit to assist you.


My career started over 20 years ago with major networks and personal sessions in my community. I developed a business of simply being myself, seeing and sensing, and finally feeling free to share my visions and impressions. It took my life over by storm.


I cherish each and every one of my clients. Most of my originals are still with me 20 years later! I am so blessed to share in spirit as I channel the angels’ guidance for people all over the world. 


I tend to see things at a “soul level”. While channeling into the soul patterns of those who come to me for sessions, I hear and see impressions of a higher conscious awareness. I have come to know this as Divine Spirit. With the help of the gracious angels and guides, I have been able to provide my clients with experiences they describe as “spot on” and “life changing." 

My mission has always been to assist the sweet spirits here in this world. What I love most about what I do is proving to my clients that they are not alone and that all things are possible with everlasting faith. Sometimes it only takes a new vision to completely change the perspective you have on a situation. That’s why I call my business Newlight, for there is always higher truth when you can find a new light!


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