It's time to recreate program your life, enhance your divinity, renew your soul, and heal your spirit!

 I can help sow the seeds of faith and illuminate your future. To build a life plan of success in all of your dreams by tapping into God's Divine Will for your life!  He built it into your soul to be experienced and accomplish to glorify with His Spirit! Rejoice! 


My hope is that you will find your place at home here with love and support from your Christian Life Coach!

Awaken the power that is coded into your DNA. Learn to empower your future and control your destiny, the everlasting creation, through love and light!

Do you need a spiritual mentor who can open up higher wisdom?

My goal is to help you gain back your light so that you can live life instead of life living you.


Here at Newlight, I have a small elite inner circle of spiritual mentors, angel advisers, intuitive counselors, natural healers, and prophetic teachers that I have handpicked to help you fulfill your goals. 

Do you feel like God is trying to show you or tell you something?

We seek to open the realms of spirit to provide support and clear vision, ultimately illuminating the path that God's Grace has set for you.

Can you feel the anticipation of breaking free and finally knowing your purpose?


I believe in the sound of spirit and the power of our God taking every step with us as we walk toward fulfilling our purpose. The most important thing in life is sharing that journey with the one true Divine Spirit. There is nothing like the true blessings that come from intuitive counseling and finally being able to breathe as the burdens that held you back begin to drift away. 



very accurate , empowering , lovely all around . thank you so much for your guidance xo  Pat


Amazing , Spot ON!  I can't believe she knew exactly what he says all the time!  You just blew my mind!

thanks Anita,  Carol


I don't know how to begin to thank you for all that you have done for me!   I have been with you for years and still you always know how to show me God's footprints!,  I just don't what I would do without you!



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Newlight does not sell lists of our customers or their financial information to outside marketing firms or telemarketing companies. Your sessions will be kept in complete confidence and will be handled personally by Newlight.